Published On: Sat, Oct 12th, 2013

21 Questions to “spiritual guru” Jaggi Vasudev from Hinduism Now!

21 Questions to "spiritual guru" Jaggi Vasudev from Hinduism Now! – The Voice of Hinduism


  1. What is your relation with Hinduism? Your foundation calls itself non-religious.

  2. Why do you call yourself non religious though Hinduism is the source of all the stuff you peddle?

  3. Aren't Shiva and Shiva Linga Hindu Gods and symbols? What right have you to use the symbols of other religions to make money?

  4. If you are not a Hindu Guru, what right do you have to comment on Hindu gurus like Asaram Bapuji as a representative of Hinduism? Why don’t you look into the mess in your religion before you comment on our leaders?

  5. What about the murder case pending on you? Media claims you were responsible for your wife’s death. Why haven't you answered that?

  6. Is it not true that her father himself filed a murder charge against you?

  7. Why did  you burn her body without informing her father in a hurry though he was quite nearby?

  8. Why did you accuse the government of witch hunting spiritual leaders at the time the case was registered on you while you readily support the government when the same is happening to saints like the Kanchi Sankaracharya, Asaram Bapuji and Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda?

  9. Did you know that the medical reports of the minor girl have positively ruled out her being raped or even an attempt to rape. Do you know what “ruled out” means?

  10. Did you know that the father of the first minor girl is now given the high position of state secretary in the congress? Do you know that there is now evidence that she is not even a minor!

  11. Did you know that the new case they are foisting on Asaram Bapu now is from 11 years ago? 11 years!

  12. Did you know that the COO of Sun-TV has publicly admitted to morphing the Nithyananda video?

  13. Did you know that the lady accusing Swami Nithyananda of rape  has been shown to have 4 different STDs over the past 10 years and couldn't have had a relationship with him because his medical test shows him to not have them?

  14. Do you know that the Indian law believes in someone being innocent until proven guilty? Do you believe in following the law of the land?

  15. If so, why did you accuse Pujya Asaram Babu, the revered Sankaracharya of Kanchi and Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda who has contributed so much to Hinduis as being rotten mangoes?

  16. Why did your managing trustee leave your organization after 25 years alleging charges of abetting suicide through your cruel and torturous programs and mismanagent of funds and hawala activities?

  17. Is it true that you tried healing one of your disciple of cancer for many years and failed while someone else succeeded in healing him?

  18. Is this why you pooh pooh all miraculous powers and healing sciences which have been part and parcel of Hindu tradition and knowledge?

  19. Who pays for your expensive hobbies such as learning to fly the helicopter, golfing in 5 star resorts and race cars?

  20. If your organization is a non profit and gets tax breaks from the Indian Government and hence public money, is this the right way to spend people's money?

  21. Did you know why India got conquered by the Muslims and were looted plundered, tortured and converted by the millions? And then the same thing with the British? Hint in case you find this a difficult question: Because Hindus were not united.