Published On: Fri, Aug 29th, 2014

Cosmic Justice? Divine retribution for the abusers of Hindu Gurus

gowda-m1 (1)I just read this news item that Sadananda Gowda – current railway minister and former Chief Minister of Karnataka – son was arrested over a rape charge. They claim it is false. There are videos of the  two together. They say it is morphed. The son is on the run and police are after him. They claim he is framed. Sounds familiar. It surely should be extremely familiar to Mr Gowda. Just 2 years back, Mr Gowda ordered the shutdown of the Nithyananda Ashram and had Swami Nithyananda arrested for a day for no reason at all – for a false rape case involving a morphed video that was in the courts and where no new evidence was presented except for the fake victim coming illegally on a TV channel to shed crocodile tears. He did this to earn points against the rival party candidate who was contesting his post. Funnily a paper reported Mr Gowda today as saying 'Law will take its own course. I will not interfere in the matter'. One wonders how come he didn't follow this wonderful advise 2 years ago. 

It surely looks like the  Divine is watching closely and punishing people in ways that even the staunchest of atheists cannot deny as something that is quite miraculous and direct. 

07-dayanidhi-karuna-kalanidhi-Sadhananda Gowda is only the latest in a series of people who have received payback for their attempt to exploit the non-violence of Hindu Guru's to make a quick buck or earn some political brownie points.  In this very week, we saw the CBI file cases against the Maran Brothers – owners of Sun TV – the channel that created and broadcast the morphed video for days in order to defame Swami Nithyananda.  At the time when they released the video the Maran brothers and their affiliated party literally ran the country – they were a key player in the central government, Dayanidhi Maran was a central minister for the key IT and Communications portfolio, they had a huge majority in the state government, they ran one of the the largest TV networks in Asia, they had billions stashed away in Swiss banks from the bribes they got and their Sun TV network was worth billions. Fast forward one year after they telecast the morphed video – their stock had fallen down to 15% of their value, the brothers had been implicated in the 2G scam and are now to be arrested, the older Maran is sought after by the IT department and hiding in Switzerland, the younger one loses his ministry, their party is thrown out of the central ministry, they  lose very shamefully in the state elections and this is the topper – the daughter of the party supremo (and their cousin) Kanimozhi is arrested on the 2G scam case and spends 6 months in central prison!  If that is not a divine payback I don't know what is.

Yedurappa – the chief miniser of Karnataka under whose regime the false case was first filed – lost power in the same year and has never come near regaining it again. Judge Rudramani who sentenced Swami to a day in prison dies in a tragic accident.  The police officer who kicked Swamiji's padukas during interogation suffered paralysis and is now out of the force. 

Anuradha_RamananSimilar things happened with the officer Premkumar who arrested and the lady Anurada Ramanan who gave a false case against another Seer – Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, the Sankaracharya of Kanchi. Both of them died not too long after they abused the Shankaracharya and infact had quite horrible deaths. The Acharya has since been given a clean chit by the courts – but only after having to undergo years of abusals at the hands of the media and the legal system. 

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. I could quote a dozen or more famous people who have faced the wrath of the cosmos for abusing Hindu Gurus and Gods. I hope those who are planning on doing something similar get to read this and save themselves in time. Remember people, God is watching. 


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