Published On: Fri, Oct 31st, 2014

(Humor) Do No Evil: Celebrate Halloween without Costumes and Candies!


Children who are planning to splurge on Halloween this year, do remember that the costumes you wear are made by some slave child in Bangladesh who hasn't eaten for 2 days. The candies you eat are brought through unfair trade practices from Brazil – not to mention the destruction of rain forests causing global warming. Candy wrappers are bad for the environment. 

You surely don't want all this do you? Take a pledge to not wear costumes or give or take candies this Halloween. 

Surely we can all have fun without these paraphernalia. Can't we? 

Please pass this on to all the kids in the world you know.

And do wait for my jolly Christmas message in a month!

– Your friendly neighborhood joyless depressed pseudo intellectuals
This message is sponsored in part by the  Baptist Church of South Ohio


*Sarcasm Alert for kids who can't understand humor. Don't take this article literally. Eat as much candy as you can and wear any costume you like* 🙂 





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