Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

Christian Legacy: 2000 Year Old Ideas That Still Mess Up Our Lives

Christianity and its ideas of life shaped much of European thinking over the last 2 millenia and by extension the ideas of westernized Indians and the Indian media. Superstitions like the “one life” theory, the idea of “flat earth”, Original Sin etc. underlay many common practices we follow today. Our lack of understanding of the origins of these practices makes us believe these were “secular”. In fact secularism itself is an aberration born out of the evils done Church throughout history.

  1. monday-bluesMonday Blues: People complain that India – implying Hinduism – has too many holidays – Diwali, Navarathri, Ganesh Chaturti and so on. But what they fail to realize is that more than 1/3rd of the year are Christian holidays. The idea of weekend comes from the stricture that Christians are to spend Sunday in prayer. So 104 days of the year is wasted in Christian holidays and only a fraction of that is available to people of other faiths. What more, we are made to believe that our holidays are excessive. The idea of holidays at regular intervals is antithetical to life and that is the reason for Monday morning depression among majority of the population. Festivals should be at arbitrary times so that it imitates life and becomes a celebration rather than a chore.
  2. witchesWitches and the Fear of Mysticism: The Church used the idea of “witchcraft” to torture and burn alive its opponents. Any woman who showed independent thinking – meaning who spurned the advances of a Church official – was termed a Witch and burnt alive. All Hindus in Europe who practices advanced Siddhis or students of chemistry and biology were burnt because they were thought to be a threat to the church. The caricature of witches as evil and old hags might be funny in the modern day – but hidden behind it is centuries of the most cruel suppression and torture of an entire continent and extermination of a religion by the Christian Church. This directly lead to the dark ages in Europe where no science was studied. And when they got back to thinking during the Renaissance they got their knowledge from middle east and forgot the Indian origins of all science and language.
  3. church-and-stateSecularism: The hatred for religion and eventually many of the rules we follow such as separation of the state and religion – comes from the history of politicking of the Christian Church. They started controlling countries and making people follow their perverted ideas. The rebellion against the Church is the source of the anti religious feelings in the western world. Such a resistance never happened in India because the religion was what kept Kings from exploiting people. However, many blind west worshiping Indians – including the entire Media – have started applying these rules against all religion and try to paint eastern religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism etc as anti people, while historically the opposite is the truth.
  4. Thugs: The word thug was popularized by imaginations of British authors and used against any tribe that resisted the British invaders and missionaries and fought for their rights. To fight them the British termed them as “criminal tribes” – meaning everyone who was born in the tribe – man woman or child – was automatically a criminal whether they did a crime or not and they were cruelly put down. The Thuggee and Dacoity Department is what evolved into the Central Criminal Intelligence Department (CID) in India.
  5. socialismSocialism: The wrong Christian belief in single life leads to the idea that life is unfair and the people suffer because of the accident of their birth into different families. This is the origin of communism which is essentially life negative and feels that the unfairness of the cosmos should be set right by society. While communism was apparently opposed to the Church, much of its ill effects are because of this idea that it imbibed implicitly from the Bible.  The Hindu understanding of Karma and rebirth – and the knowledge the people chose their birth based on their desires makes us understand life in a lot more positive way, and it leads us to focus on developing ourselves rather than bitching about the world.
  6. False History: Christianity believed that the world was created by God 6000 years ago. Hence all studies of ancient civilizations dated them to be well within that time frame just so that they don’t run afoul of the Church. Of course the Church outright rejects dinosaurs and prehistory – so they did not have a problem with those. But humans existing in a civilized way was too much for them to digest. This is one of the many reasons why much of the dates of Indian History is all screwed up. The western historians tried to squeeze tens of thousands of years of Indian History in to five thousand years resulting in all kinds of anomalies and time overlaps. Only recently have people had the courage to date cities to older than 6000 years. Just recently an Indus Valley site in Himachal Pradesh has been dated at 11,000 years.
  7. Adam and EvePornography: The Christian story of Adam and Even and that of sex being the original sin has long controlled the dialogue on gender relationships. The advanced religions of the east and the native religions in other places always had a open and straightforward relation to gender and reproduction. It was never taboo and always part ones awareness. There were communities in India that encourage asceticism – but as a maturation of the sexual drive rather than suppression of it. But with the import of European civilization came the taboo of sex and soon everything was divided based on it. The suppression sex due to Christian and Victorian ideas is directly the cause of pornography and other aberrations in our current society.