Published On: Wed, Oct 5th, 2016

Buddhism: The Great Failed Experiment of Hinduism

buddha-paintingBuddha was one of the greatest incarnations of Vishnu. He produced the largest number of enlightened beings in a single lifetime. He took Hinduism back to the basics to the Sankhya Philosophy of Kapila Maha Muni. That is why he is called “Sankhya Muni” (Sakhya muni in Pali). And yet Buddhism has been, in retrospect, the cause of much harm to Asia – mainly due to the extreme violence and barbarism of Islam.

There are two things that stand out in Buddha’s teaching – Ahimsa (or non violence) and rejection of deity worship and rituals.  In a reasonably enlightened society, both can be dispensed with. But only the civilization which has gone through all kinds of ups and downs and faced every kind of human mental setup can understand the need for these two.

Buddha himself was not at fault since he was addressing the current society he lived in. But the followers who made his teachings into a dogma failed to understand that he said was to be taken in the context of the society he was addressing.  To some extent Buddhism re-invented deity worship and rituals (as the Mahayana form of Buddhism) and that is why it has even survived this far as a followed religion and not a minor cult. No philosophy that does not have these components of physical worship and celebration survives. Buddhists recognized this early on – within a century or so of Buddha.  But their extreme abhorrence of self protection in the name of non-violence has caused immense damage to the world.

islamic-warriorsIndia’s inability to handle the Islamic invasion came because of this. Shankara worked hard to reverse the degradation caused by the mindless application of Buddha’s teachings – and as such Buddhism lost hold in India. And India was able to survive Islam for 400 years. But the damage caused to India was immense. So many temples were destroyed and lives lost and horrors inflicted on its people.  And by the time the British arrived we were too weak to offer a resistance to their cunning mind games.

Every country where the strength of Hinduism gave way to the easy path of Buddhism has been overrun by the violence of Islam – Afghanistan,  India, Mongolia, Kazhakstan, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on.  Bodhidharma brought Buddhism to China along with martial arts such as Kung Fu – which were disallowed by Indian Buddhists. Hence the Buddhism there has survived – although not in the passive and inert form that it was practiced in India for many centuries. The lack of active protection has made Tibet all but destroyed and the Tibetans as refugees in all other countries.

From Buddhism, the same principle of inaction imagined to be non violence was adopted by Gandhi and has ruined India and made her weak in the last 60 years. It is high time we understand its influence and move back to the Sanatana Dharma which gave the right place to everything with a very long term vision.  Buddha was a great incarnation – but Buddhism has failed. One of the greatest failed experiments of the ocean that is Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

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