Published On: Sat, Dec 3rd, 2016

The Shit Hits Note: UK Hindus Demonetize Beef Bearing £5 Notes in Novel Protest

newfiverHindu Forum of Britain , an umbrella group of Hindu organisations and temples in the UK, has called on the Bank of England to withdraw the new 5-pound note from circulation because it uses animal fat. The new notes with an image of Britain’s war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill became legal tender in September this year.

More than 120,000 people have supported an online petition urging the Bank of England to cease using animal fat in the production of £5 notes – the first polymer notes in circulation in the UK.   British vegetarians and vegans are being “stupid” for protesting about the new five pound note containing animal fat, the Australian inventor of the polymer banknote said. “Secular” Indian newspapers such as the Indian Express have sided with the Bank claiming that Hinduism does condone animal sacrifices.

beef-bearing-new-fiver-notes-boeIn the absence of action from the Bank of England, some Hindus have found a novel way to protest the beef laden notes.  They are giving the notes a holy dip in their WCs and putting them back into circulation. What started as a simple act of protest in Leichester UK last week has started gaining steam and many Hindus are giving their fivers the shit treatment.

“Now whenever folks handle a fiver”, said Kishan Patel from Liverpool to HinduismNow, “they have to wonder whether it has seen the inside of an Indian toilet and what else was present in it when it got the dip treatment”.

“And maybe then”, he added “they will understand how we feel about having beef on the note”

Normally Hindus revere money as the Goddess Lakshmi. But because of the contamination with beef, the notes are no longer considered legal tender by many Hindus. India’s demonetization, it seems, has hit the English shores too.

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