Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

Bastard Hindus: The Life and Death of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal

The early hours of the morning at Kanchi Mutt echoed with the powerful sound of a muffled uneasy silence. At the central hall lay one of the tallest Hindu leader in the current times – Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the 69th Pontiff of the Mutt created by the great master Adi Shankara. The pope of Hinduism had passed away and yet the people claiming to be Hindus and the eunuch brahmins to whom he was the traditional Guru to and who through history have been the most untrustworthy and selfish of all communities were engaged in their favourite passtime – sleeping. The Halls of the 1200 year old Mutt were filled with a crowd of less than a thousand people. One can’t but wonder what the future of Hinduism is if such is the farewell give to its leaders.

Hindus are staunch believers in attending funerals. Our social fabric demands it. Then what is the statement being made here by the Hindus? That they are not interested in Hinduism? Are we to then say that Hinduism is dead?



And Jayendra Saraswathi was not only the teacher of the elites and brahmins like earlier Pontiffs of the Mutt. He embraced people from all classes and stood for the mainstream Hindu society while at the same time holding on to his tradition and truths.

Jayendra Sarawathi was declared, not too long ago, by Forbes as being among the top 10 most influential persons in India. He built hundreds of Agamic temples and equal numbers of village temples. The Grama Pujari Peravai – or association of village priests – was one of his great contribution to mainstream Hinduism. Even if one tenth of those priests had attended his funeral there would have been more people in the hall that what we saw this morning.

Jayendra Saraswathi was not just a spiritual leader but he also created the Jan Jagrat and Jan Kalyan movements to actively contribute to society by building schools, hospitals and universities. None of the people who benefited by his philanthropy were to be seen.

And he did all this amidst a sea of immense abuse in Tamil Nadu by the oppressive so called “Dravidian” rulers. Caught b internal conflicts between orthodoxy and non orthodoxy and external war with the anti Hindu Mafia he literally lived life in a river of burning fire every day.

The truth is that the Anti Hindu Mafia gang raped him with false allegations and litigations – accusing him of murder, sexual misconduct, financial crimes and everything in between. And the bastard Hindus ran away from him the second the allegations were thrown at him. He survived the allegations and media indictment and came out victorious legally. But alas not in the eyes of his impotent followers and the ungrateful people who benefited from his hard work.

Not respecting a leader is not respecting the ideology for which he stood for. He stood for and fought for mainstream Hinduism. Unlike other leaders like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Jaggi Vasudev or Nithyananda Swami who each work for their own brand, Jayendra stood for the ideology of.mainstream Hinduism. By disrespecting and discarding Jayendra Saraswathi, Hindus have virtually hit the last nail on their own coffins – and I use the word coffin intentionally for it is not long before we would be buried in cemetries rather than be cremated.

For the abusal he with stood, he must have by now been celebrated as a martyr. Even terrorists in India gather a crowds of lakhs. But just by allegations, and all of them now proven false, Hindus have given him to go by and been content to stay at home. All their houses have become their prisons. After Jayendra no leader is going to stick their neck out and stand for the Hindu ideology. The way we treat our leaders.. no one is going to be interested in being a Hindu leader. And this is what the international anti Hindu Mafia wants. And for all practical purposes the inescapable conclusion from this morning is that they have won.

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