Published On: Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

Amir Khan was Right: India IS an Intolerant Country

India ranks as the fourth worst country for religious tolerance as per a Christian funded study. Apparently we are worse the 70+ Muslim countries and the dozen odd Christian fanatic nations where you can be imprisoned or even given the death penalty for promoting or practicing your religion and all public funds are used to promote their fanaticism.

Though that study is a joke and not very bad one at that, their conclusion about India’s religious intolerance may not be that far away from the truth. The actual intolerance of religion in India – which I claim is the worst in the world and not the 4th worst – comes comes from state sponsored terrorist organizations. The foremost of them is the HR&CE – The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments board run by the Government. And this body, as per a ruling of the Madras High Court yesterday, at it’s whim and fancy can decide how each sect of Hinduism should run their temples and worship and when it so feels that it is not run “properly” can decide to take over all the properties and wealth of the said organizations.


In a so called secular country, where the media and the Government go out of the way to not jnterfere with the functioning of Christian Zealots and Neo Nazis and Islamic Terrorists, Hindu Temples and Mutts are completely controlled and looted by the State with the implicit, and as of yesterday very open, support from the Media and the Judiciary.

Thousands of crores of rupees are looted each day from Hindu Temples by the Government and used to fund it’s corrupt ministers and officials and in promoting anti Hindu organizations and the Haj – money that Hindus donated thinking it is used to promote and sustain their particular sampradaya.

What happened yesterday in the High Court of Madras is nothing short of Facism where ignorance and greed and violence won over freedom and truth. Where the court went over and beyond the existing law – which was terrible to beging with- to order the Government to actively involved itself not only in the financial aspects but also the religious rituals and deciding what is the right way to worship.

When all structures become corrupt the only way out is for the people to take back the power they gave to these. Unless Hindus get actively involved in where their funds go, the looting will continue. Unless they see through the fraud perpetrated by the Christian media about Hinduism in the name of supporting secularism, Hinduism is bound to die.

All Hindu Temples and Mutts should only be run by the heriditary trustees, pundits, acharyas, enlightened Masters and Incarnations. The government has absolutely no say in how these are run or administered – leave alone how they worship and what they believe in.


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