Published On: Sun, Mar 18th, 2018

The Horrors of St Joseph Hospice and the Dangers of Institutionalizing Charity

Last month an innocuous stopping of a vegetable van revealed 2 old people in rags and a dead body in the back of a van along with the vegetables! Further investigation by the police showed the van belonged to St Joseph’s hospice for the aged near Chennai and in there the horrors beyond imagination.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the NGO house had 50 rooms with cold storage facilities in which bones and organs were preserved. The locals said that the NGO brought elderly people from various parts of Tamil Nadu and also from other states and were tortured and beaten to death after which their bones were sold for money.  It was also found that these people never got proper burial facilities and over 3000 bodies were improperly disposed, of which majority were North Indians.

It is now told that every month over 50 people die in the NGO but the authorities have failed to report these deaths to the municipality.  The FCRA analysts exposed that this NGO was receiving huge foreign funds but there are no records of any FC returns.

This man Father R. V. Thomas apart from running NGO in Kanchipuram also has two more similar NGOs in Dindigul and Paleshwaram near Madurai. What is surprising in the Hindu News Paper in 2009 had made an article about the same NGO commending the work done by them.

Beyond the obvious problems with criminals running NGOs and the media suppressing news about these, the fundamental problem is that of institutionalizing charity. The Christians and Leftists are all about showcasing charity and exploiting it. Schools for the blind, home for the aged, orphanages, institutions for the disabled and so on. This alienates the people who are suffering even further. It is good to make money out of them but bad for the people who are “helped”.

It is easy to convert people who you remove them from society. They are made to believe they are inferior and that the people helping them are greater than them. This is the worst affront to humanity that the Christian NGOs do and why they should be deemed to be criminals and permanently banned.

On the other hand the Hindu way of charity has always been inclusive. Everyone is given a place in society. For instance, when giving food everyone is asked to feed guests first and treat them as God. Never did we have the idea of cheap charities. People of neutral gender were given a special place in functions and respected. Not relegated to special homes. Such a social approach is not glamorous. It is not easy to make money by taking photos of children in rags. But that is the only right solution.

People who make their living out of poverty will never solve poverty. They are invested in keeping poverty alive. Not just criminal places like St Joseph.. but ALL such organizations that institutionalize poverty are evil. They must be banned and replaced with ones that integrate people with the society they are in which is the Hindu approach to life.

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