Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Being Alone is not a Solution

When faced with a difficult situation, most of us think that if only we were alone, life would be so much better.  Removing ourselves from the family, organisation, and society though at best provides temporary relief, it does not provide a solution.  Completion with others is what provides for a guaranteed solution.  This article deals with aspects related to the missing element of ‘completion with others’ in our lives.

The dilution of social qualities in Hinduism

Hinduism had principles of Love, Care, and Service.  It is not that without those principles Hinduism grew up.  Unfortunately in course of time, they all have been portrayed as a secondary qualities that may not be that important for enlightenment.

What went missing?

The eternity being brought to immediacy, the context of eternity being brought to everyday lifestyle went missing.  The Upanishadic truth of ‘you exist in everything and everything exists in you’ was not applied in day to day life.

We had all the best things.  But in course of time we put some things in the back-burner; like being in completion with others.  All the suffering we are having, all the degradation we are facing, all the abuse others are causing and we ourselves are causing to us, everything can be boiled down to – Not Completing with Others.

Default pattern

Escaping has become the generally-promoted lifestyle. If you have incompletion with family and parents and society, when you are down South; run away to Varanasi.  After one year you will start having incompletion with people in Varanasi, then run away to Haridwar.  This goes on.

Escaping from the situations where the incompletions are there can never be the solution for incompletions.  Actually, that will become one more pattern of incompletion:  Whenever you see a conflict, just take off.  Whenever you see a conflict, ‘taking off’ becomes a pattern.

Completion is complete when you can come down to the plains and remain complete.

Completion with others is necessary for enlightenment

Completion with others is a spiritual quality.  It is necessary for enlightenment.  Unfortunately, we always got the idea that if you have incompletion with others, run away to the higher plains where less people are there.  No, that is not a solution.  Completion with Others is the basic necessity, the basic quality you need for enlightenment.

The need for revival of core principles of Hinduism

The only way you can revive, the only way you can cure the cancer that came to Sanatana Dharma is realizing the truth of completion with others.  As long as your body is moving and functioning, others are part of you, you are part of them.  If you are not ready to be in the space of completion with others, you can’t be in completion with yourself.

This Science of ‘Completion with Others’ should be given the first priority in Hinduism for the next hundred years because, the whole of Hinduism is built on the concept of Sangha (community).

Be Blissful! Not just Peaceful

It is with completion with others life starts in you.  With completion with yourself, peace starts in you.  With completion with others, bliss starts in you.  Just with peace you can’t live your life.  Be blissful, not just peaceful. You happened to be blissful, not just peaceful.


Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda


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