Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2022 YOU: Vatican’s Weapon of Media Disinformation (WMD) Against Startups

Let us admit it. Christianity today has a monopolistic control of people’s minds in most of the developed world. Without us realizing it, many aspects of our thoughts and lives are controlled and shaped in the way the Church wants. Christian groups spend billions in media and cultivating celebrities and politicians to maintain this dominant position. Aside from the obvious attack on women’s rights to their own body and the suppression of the large scale sexual abuses of children by priests worldwide, the psychological damage this monopoly position has had on society in terms of restricting progress and keeping people in guilt, ignorance and bondage is immeasurable. How else can you explain how educated people in a developed country still believe that the earth is flat, the sun moves around the earth and that the universe was created 6000 years ago in 6 days!

The fundamental way Christianity keeps people under their control is by painting a horrible caricatured view of the other –  the antichrist, satan, hell and so on. Anyone who is deemed a threat to the Church can be destroyed by calling them as Satan’s agents. In the middle ages the Church attacked and terrorized all traditional religions – especially those led by women – as pagans, heathens and witches. Women were hunted and burnt alive on a large scale sending terror amongst the followers leading eventually the complete mental colonization of Europe. The Vatican was quite the ISIS of its times.  But only successful. They have normalized the screaming faces of women when being burnt as the canonical caricature for witches so much so that people today don’t even flinch a bit when using the term “witch hunt” or imagining witches as evil, screaming hags. As I said, success.

Though they have managed to weasel out of and skillfully erase their affiliations to the Nazis, it is an open secret that the Christian church was strongly behind the de-humanizing and subsequent genocide of the Jews in Europe (as a punishment for their role in the killing of Jesus). The Church was rewarded for its contribution and support to Hitler and Mussolini with getting full statehood for the Vatican giving it even more power to penetrate into the minds of people.

The most recent arsenal in the Christian propaganda toolkit is that of portraying any reform movement asking for progress as a “cult”. The sole definition of a cult as per Christian mouth pieces such as Dr Phil is that they don’t teach people Christian “values”.  Any movement that liberates people from the status quo will require a strong personality. In fact, Jesus Christ himself might have been called a “cult leader” in his times. And sure enough he was even murdered for it. The Church put a positive spin on the murder and capitalized on the marketing rights. But what happened to Jesus was nothing but a targeted assassination and “” (if I can make-up that word) of what was then a progressive new religious leader and his movement.

Christianity has created a bland commercial enterprise with monopolistic control. They are way past the founding phase where the person creating the startup needs to provide vision and clarity. Hence they attack any charismatic leader by portraying them as cult leaders. This way they can be sure their flock won’t go exploring any progressive ideologies and remain confined to their cages.

Christianity and Islam – the Coke and Pepsi duopoly – of the religious world, though appearing to be in competition work together to destroy progress in the spiritual development of human beings. Hinduism on the other hand is the startup ecosystem built on innovation. It has, for millennia, encouraged and welcomed the new while still allowing the old to remain and provide wisdom to those who choose it. More than 10,000 sampradayas or sovereign traditions exist in Hinduism including large ones which are recognized as religions because of their reach such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and so on. Every tradition was created by a startup leader of great charisma and vision – Shankara, the Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak and so on; not to mention Paramashiva himself,  Lord Krishna and other incarnations who were all revolutionaries of their times. 

“ YOU” is the way organized multinational religions fight against the threat of progressive, startup religions. It is a powerful weapon in the Christian media toolkit to protect their monopolies while pretending to be working in the interest of freedom and liberal thinking. Pagans, Heathens, Witches, Cults – instilling the fear of the other by any name – is the way to keep your flock together and make them continuously contribute to the church mafia to protect them from the guilts of imaginary, manufactured sins and a non-existent hell.

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