Published On: Sun, Mar 13th, 2022

“The Kashmir Files” Pulls Big Surprise as Box Office Collection Exceeds 4 Crores on First Day

It is rare for non-establishment films to do well in the mainstream Indian cinema industry, but The Kashmir Files blew everyone’s expectations out of the park. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, The Kashmir Files serves as a prime example of breaking the glass ceiling for movies highlighting the real and gruesome persecution of Indigenous Hindus in their own homelands. The film has crossed the box office collection of over 4 crores and increasing by the day.

Bollywood has never had the guts to make movies showcasing the real violence and genocides that happened on Indigenous Kashmiri Pandits. This movie, starred by Anupam Kher, a Kashmiri Pandit himself, boldly claims a seat at the table despite being an “underdog” movie by “underdog” actors and film-makers.

Reviews are coming in from all around the world, applauding the powerfulness of the film and its bold take on the topic without compromise and biased appeasement. The audience is left stunned with the shocking revelations of the real violence and trauma that took place in Kashmir where Hindus were targeted in successive genocides one after another which continues even today. The film presents chilling stories and lived experiences of the persecuted Indigenous Kashmiri Hindu community which leaves the audience silent for a few minutes at the end as the audience tries to grapple with the harsh reality that they witnessed on the screen. People are left in tears watching the stories and this has become a must-watch movie for the whole of humanity, for whoever cares about the safety and justice of Indigenous communities like the Kashmiri Pandits.

The film has only been released to limited locations, yet its success is unprecedented. The film did exceptionally well on the first day and if this momentum continues, it is set to do even better in the next few days. The global Hindu community has finally mobilized to bring awareness about one of their genocides and justice truly lies in unity. Making a film successful even when it is going against the grain of the biased, mainstream, anti-Hindu narratives is no joke in today’s world. When the Hindu community mobilizes together to demand justice and raise awareness, it clearly yields good results as can be seen with the success of The Kashmir Files.

As usual, there is always a cabal of anti-Hindu forces who are calling this movie a false narration of the events that took place in Kashmir. They are outright denying the recorded persecution of Hindus to be labeled as a “genocide” even when the United Nations definition of “genocide” clearly and overwhelmingly fits within the context of the historic and ongoing persecution of Indigenous Kashmiri Pandit Hindus. Instead of sympathizing with the victims of this violence, a few elitist “critics” are writing reviews in their elitist outlets nitpicking word-battles to try to undermine the lived and recorded experiences of the Hindu community.

To counter such cynics and anti-Hindu “movie critics,” it is important for Hindus to unite and support this film and put efforts to inspire more and more people to go to theatres and show up in massive numbers. Not only will this support the film but it will also lead Hindus to learn about the real history of the persecutions inflicted on the Indigenous Kashmiri Hindu population.