Published On: Wed, Apr 20th, 2022

Racist reaction to new Hindu temple in the UK prompts Facebook warning

Hindus in the town of Swindon in the UK looking for a new temple after their old one was the subject of many thefts have faced racist slurs from some on Facebook after news of new temple plans was revealed.

Plans were submitted to turn the abandoned store on Wroughton High Street in Swindon into a new temple. While many Swindon residents reacted positively to the announcement on the Swindon Community Notice Board – which has a 44,000-strong membership -some individuals responded with abuse.

A post from those who run the page read: “The admin team is very saddened to read some pretty disgusting comments from members tonight. Racists will NOT be tolerated in this group.

“Please don’t bombard admin trying to argue your case, this is a unanimous vote and dm’s with further abuse will NOT be tolerated either!

“Thank you so much to the majority of lovely members of SCNB and we are sorry the minority try to disrupt this harmony.

“It’s very sad that these minority of miserable or racist members feel that their behavior here is ok. It is NOT!”

Hindu temple and cultural center chairman Pradeep Bhardwaj chose to focus on the positive reaction and has spoken of his excitement at the prospect of moving into the new building after being given an initial two-year lease by the council.

“This will be a historic moment for Wroughton. It is so heart-warming to see such a vast majority of residents supporting us overwhelmingly and looking forward to welcoming the Hindu Temple.

“It would not only meet a very urgent/pressing need of the Hindu community in the town, at the same time, it would also benefit the entire area, the local parish & local authority in so many ways.

“It would meet the social, cultural, and religious needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and bring cultural upliftment, improved health, and wellbeing as well as significantly strengthen the multicultural fabric of the local community and enhance the various diverse aspects of the town and village.

“We look forward to resuming all the good work that we have done in the town in the last six years through our religious, social, community, cultural, health and wellbeing, and charitable activities.”

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has also multiple times alerted and warned us about anti-Hindus and their agenda to deviate and destroy the essence of Hinduism which has always been life positive and in the best interests of the community and society at large.

In his Satsang dated 5th Jan 2021 ( he said, “anti-Hindu elements have created a strong ecosystem. And Hindus are literally getting choked, boxed in through the anti-Hindu media, media and the media forces the government administration always to go against Hindus, and make all the decisions against Hindus, and the legislature is forced to go anti-Hindus, and the judiciary is forced to play for the gallery. Understand this whole ecosystem. The anti-Hindu ecosystem is boxing in the Hindus and choking the Hindu ecosystem”

It is therefore time to wake up against the Anti Hindu elements as well as the Anti Hindu ecosystem just as The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has reminded us time and time again.