Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Do you grab or grasp from life?

The root of all problems we face in life is the tendency to grab from life and avoiding to grasp the truth of life.  If we try to grasp the truth we will have the approach of love towards seeking the truth.  This article deals with the distinction between grabbing and grasping and the practice that makes grasping possible for everyone.

The default condition

Mostly, we only grab and ask, “give a set of rules, give, I’ll do that. If I can’t, give plan B, plan C.”  The context is completely result driven.  If you are approaching life with the mood of grabbing, framing it, making it as a utility value, you are trying to make a frame out of life, soon you will be tired and bored.

Who takes advantage?

Socio-political cults cater to such a mind.  They cater to human beings who try to grab the truth.  Religions which cater to the mind which tries to grab the truth, they only give a set of rules and finally evolve into a socio-political cult that takes advantage of your ignorance.  If anything other than enlightenment is put as a priority, it is not a religion, be very clear, it’s a socio political cult.

Pure Science

The 10th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad says that knowledge that comes from grasping versus grabbing produces different results.  Similarly, actions that come from authenticity versus actions that come from ignorance produce different results.

Applied Science


Grasping means understanding the context.  Constantly keeping your seeking alive makes you grasp the truth.

What is Seeking?

Approaching everything with tremendous love and patience from the context of knowing the truth, wanting to know the truth, is grasping, seeking.  Seeking means approaching you, approaching God, approaching world, approaching Guru, everything, with tremendous love and patience, passiveness, try to grasp what it is.  Again and again understanding the context, and trying to grasp the subtlest truth of everything is seeking.

Practice Seeking

  1. With the world, have patience, love, try to grasp what it is, don’t try to frame, don’t try to relate with agitation.
  2. With God, approach It with tremendous love and patience, don’t enter into Him with the fear or a greed or agitated mood.
  3. To Guru, try to approach with tremendous patience, love, and see, try to grasp what He is, not try to grab or put Him in a frame as you want.
  4. About yourself, try to approach with tremendous patience, tremendous patience. What you need to achieve, what you want to do, what your plans and visions are, when they are becoming real day by day, when you are realizing them day by day, celebrate it.  Approach yourself with tremendous love, patience, not with agitation and not taking yourself for granted.

Develop seeking, keep your seeking alive, reinvent yourself with your seeking, re-strategize yourself with your seeking.  This is the basic truth this verse of Upanishad wants to describe.

Meditate on the difference between grasping and grabbing.  Grasp pure knowledge.  Experience you are pure consciousness.  Experience Shivoham.

Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

29th April, 2015

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