Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Pointers for the Ultimate Experience

In computer programming, pointers are used as addresses to refer to another value stored in the computer.  One of the advantages is that one can use a limited set of pointers to write programs that can handle unlimited amounts of data.  It is interesting to see that Upanishadic Rishis have used such a concept to point to the ultimate experience – one that cannot be quantified or explained, only experienced.   In this article, we will see some of these pointers and how to work with them.

The utility of pointers in the ultimate quest:

  1. To get us to experience something that is beyond our comprehension, we need a few things that we can comprehend now and meditate.
  2. They set the right context. Sometimes, the external activity of a realised person and a lazy person might be the same, but the context from which they are operating is different.
  3. They provide the scale to evaluate the experience when that happens.

The 4th verse of the Ishavashya Upanishad gives a few pointers that establish the context for distinguishing Consciousness.


Consciousness is unmoving in the world where everything is moving.  Then anything moves, is not That.  The first verse of the Ishavashya Upanishad describes the whole universe as ‘change established on change and it is filled with Consciousness’.  Here, Upanishads are declaring Consciousness is ‘Unmoving’.

The way to work with this pointer is to meditate on “What is that, that is Unmoving”?

The idea “you exist” is the only one unmoving.  Before you grasp anything, the experience you remember that “I exist”, before you perceive, think, understand anything, the being which grasps its “isness” is the only “Unmoving”.

Consciousness is declaring itself, ‘I am Unmoving’.  If you grasp ‘What is Unmoving?’, you will grasp, ‘Who Am I?’, ‘What Am I?’

Only if there is a space where you are not filled, you will be able to move.  Consciousness is “Unmoving” because, it has filled every possible space that exists.  That is why it cannot move anywhere any more.


The next pointer the verse gives is “Ekam”.  “Ekam” cannot be translated as “One”.  It can only be translated as “Oneness”.  If something is “Unmoving”, and it is only “One”, then it should be the largest.  Then nothing else can happen.  It will be one huge stone.  So, the word “One” for “Ekam” is not the right translation.  “Oneness” is the right translation.  Because, in “One”, internal evolving, expression, is not possible; but, in “Oneness”, internal expansion, evolution is possible.  “One” is dead; “Oneness” is alive.

Meditate on “Oneness”.  There IS oneness between you and the beings you are afraid of, you and the beings you have greed, and you and the Whole.  This “Oneness” is so subtle you can only smell it.  You cannot grasp it.  You cannot grab it.  You can only smell it.  But, the moment you smell the “Oneness”, the greed and fear will just be bulldozed.

When you sit and contemplate on these pointers, you are setting the context for your mind to reach its Source and purify itself, complete itself.  Cognizing each pointer in this verse and meditating on them will lead you towards the Source and lead you towards Completion and Fulfilment.

Best wishes for your Ultimate Quest!


Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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