Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Scale to Measure ‘Quality Time’

‘Quality Time’ is a phrase used to denote uninterrupted time spent on a favorite activity, or with favorite people; in essence, time spent on what one considers important.  What does Cosmos consider as ‘Quality Time’?  This article deals with this revelation and discusses an activity that is in alignment with this cosmic truth.

Discovering your Consciousness experientially is the purpose of your life

Discovering your consciousness is THE purpose of life.  It is not about “inventing” but it is about “discovering” that already exists.  Whether you lived as a spiritual being, a cook, lawyer, engineer, doctor, professional, social leader, political leader or not doing anything, nothing counts in the Cosmos.

The only thing that counts in the Cosmos is: Have you discovered your pure consciousness?

The good news is that nothing you thought of as the goal of your life, whether you achieved it or not, is considered as goal in the Cosmos. If you think you have not got a good name in your neighbourhood, don’t worry- it is not the goal of life. If you think you don’t have this or that, don’t worry, it is not the goal of life. People who have those wasted their time and energy.

The one and only goal, not first priority, the ONLY goal of life is discovering your pure Consciousness.  Every moment you spent in discovering your consciousness, you used that moment in your life. Every moment you did not spend on this goal, you wasted those moments in your life.

Therefore ‘Quality Time’ according to Cosmos is time that is spent on discovering your Consciousness!

What can I do to spend such ‘Quality Time’?

Listening followed by intra-analysing such great truths as revealed by the Upanishads is a fool proof way to spend ‘Quality Time’.  Whenever you are able to think, intra analyse, with the goal of reaching your Source, all those moments are meditation, even if your thinking appears very confusing.

The best technique for intra-analysing is taking the time to explore the truths in a group who are committed to reaching their Source.  The Sanskrit term for such an activity is Vaakyartha Sadhas.

Importance of Vaakyartha Sadhas

The time you spend in Vaakyartha Sadhas is the time you chisel yourself, you discover your consciousness. Your quality of integrity, quality of authenticity, quality of responsibility, quality of enriching will just multiply million times, billion times, if you can spend a little time on Vaakyartha Sadhas every day. Intra-analysing of these great truths will not happen by sitting alone because the 4, 5th block you reach in your mind, you will fall asleep or get diverted and your intra-analysis stops. But if you have a team for Vaakyartha Sadhas you will dedicate a certain amount of time just for this, at least to engage in conversation.  You will think subtle nuances, aspects of these great truths. Vaakyartha Sadhas is directly doing pooja (worship) to consciousness.  This is a process that is workable for people in all age groups.

The time you spend on Vaakyartha Sadhas is ‘Quality Time’ according to Cosmos.  The time that you spend discovering your consciousness is the clear scale to measure ‘Quality Time’ spent in a given day.

Make Vaakyartha Sadhas a part of your daily routine!


Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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