Published On: Sat, Feb 13th, 2016

Perception Progression

You would have heard of arithmetic or geometric progression.  But the purpose of life is about Perception Progression.  There are four stages in this perception progression.  They are a) perception b) fact c) truth d) reality.  The person who understands these four stages and lives them will not be shaken by changes in the external or internal worlds and will play with life.

The first verse of the Ishavasya Upanishad starts with:

ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।

Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath |

The verse means “Whatever is moving in the moving world is enveloped by Consciousness”.

The moving referred to here is your perception and factual.  Many times, your perception is not factual, your factual is not truth, and your truth is not reality.


Let us define the four stages in the perception progression:

PERCEPTION: Whatever your senses can perceive in a limited Time and Space.

FACT: Your senses perceiving with more Time and Space.

TRUTH: With a lot more Time and Space, even your perception evolves.  Truth!

REALITY is: Existence as it is, beyond your perception and Time and Space.


Put in another way:

Your perception working within the limitations of Time and Space is PERCEPTION.

Your perception working beyond the limitations of Time and Space is FACT.

Time and Space altering your perception is TRUTH.

Your perception going beyond Time and Space is REALITY.


Let us understand these words – Perception, Fact, Truth, and Reality with an example.

PERCEPTION: Earth is flat.  Sun goes around the Earth.

FACT: Earth is round.  Earth is going around the Sun.

TRUTH: Earth is not exactly round.  And, Sun is going around the Earth.

REALITY: How the Earth looks (as seen from Google map).  And Earth and Sun both are going around each other.

This example requires some explanation:


  • The Earth is flat, because you are able to perceive only that much.
  • Sun is going around the Earth, because you see the Sun on one side (East) in the morning, and on the other side (West) in the evening. And he has literally gone around!


  • Fact is, the Earth is not flat; it is round.
  • And the Sun is not going around the Earth; the Earth is only going around the Sun. Means, a little “expanded perception” – the perception, when it goes a little more than your perceived Time and Space.  In this case to 365 days and few thousand miles.

Perception is because you can see only a few kilometres and a few hours.  When you can see a few thousand kilometres and a few thousand hours, it evolves to Fact, Perception evolves to Fact.  And when you can see a few million miles and a few million years, then Fact evolves to Truth where, actually, the Earth is not exactly round, and the Sun is going around the Earth


  • Earth goes around the Sun is what you consider as FACT. But you need to know, Sun and Earth together is going around something!  So, in that way, in a few billion years, the Sun will go around the Earth once.  Because, Sun and earth is going around, centred on something.  That is the TRUTH.


  • This occurs when you can see a few kalpas (aeons, few billion years)
  • The Earth’s shape is neither flat nor round. And it is ever changing.  Look at the Google map for a better understanding.
  • And, whether Sun goes around the Earth, or Earth goes around the Sun, both of them are actually going around each other. That is REALITY.

Life is all about evolving your cognition from Perception to Fact, Fact to Truth, Truth to Reality, that’s all!  It has nothing to do with so-called Bliss, Love, Renunciation, Devotion, Yoga, nothing.  All these are side-effects. When your Perception evolves to Fact, you may suddenly become meditative, you may suddenly become yogic, you may suddenly become loving, you may suddenly become blissful; but, life itself, the purpose of life itself is to evolve from Perception to Fact, Fact to Truth, Truth to Reality.

Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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