Published On: Sun, Dec 11th, 2016

Rani Ki Vav is the True Symbol of Love. Not the Taj Mahal

rani-ki-vav-amazing-architecture-1The Rani Ki Vavi is an amazing subterrarean structure built in in 1063 A D by Queen Udayamati  in the memory of her husband, King Bhimdev I of the Solanki dynasty. Built 600 years before the Taj Mahal, this is one the most wonderful sculptures you can see. The structure also had a utilitarian purpose to hold water and quench the parched throats of her people and was not just a “dead tomb”.   But sickulars who promote the patriarchal western ideas of love cannot consider that a woman ruler could built something that they could consider the symbol of love.

facts-mumtaz-shajahan  tajmahal-boring

For years they have promoted the Taj Mahal as a symbol of love. However, it is well know that:

  • Mumtaz Was Shahjahan’s 4th Wife Out Of His 7 Wives
  • Shahjahan Killed Mumtaz’s Husband To Marry Her !
  • Mumtaz Died In Her 14th Delivery !
  • He then Married Mumtaz’s Sister !
  • Taj mahal was built after destroying an existing Hindu Temple – the Tejo Mahalaya
  • Many of the people who built the Taj were killed so they could not make another or tell the true tale of its construction!

Where is the love in that?


References: – 360 Deg Views

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