Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2017

After India’s Patent Win, US Pharmaceuticals Suddenly Claim that Turmeric has no Medicinal Properties

 In 1997 the Indian Government won a major victory to prevent US firms from patenting Turmeric’s medicinal properties.. and now suddenly a “new study” finds that turmeric is not useful for making medicines 🙂 This clearly shows that the pharmaceutical industry is out to make money.. not cures.

In 1995 , two American researchers of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, put a claim to the US Patent and Trademark Office, maintaining that they had discovered haldi‘s healing properties. And, surprise, they were granted a patent in March 1995 for something you had known for years and our ayurveda for centuries.

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research applied to the US Patent Office for a reexamination. This was after Indian scientists shouted from rooftops about how we are losing our traditional knowledge to marauding foreign companies who have started poaching on our ancient healing techniques. The US Patent Office in 1997 acknowledged it had made a mistake and cancelled the patent on turmeric. This is a major victory because seldom does it fully revoke a patent it has granted.


But now a new study says “In a new review of chemical evidence, scientists write that curcumin is an “unstable, reactive, non-bioavailable compound and, therefore, a highly improbable lead [for drug development].”   The article concludes that “The resources being wasted on difficult curcumin research could instead be spent on thousands of other chemicals lying on shelves waiting to be tested”   (Meaning you could research stuff  off which we can make more money!)




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Brandee Neal I have Crohn’s disease. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric helps to keep me out of the hospital, and on 2 drugs, rather than the 5 I was on. After all I have been through, no one is going to tell me that Ginger for nausea and Turmeric for inflammation reduction do not work. The pharmaceutical community can ‘study’ all they want. I live it every day of my life.
Martini Dave Well scientists, come live a day in my bed. Yep, I said bed. Home Health Nurse, opiates and 26 years of pain, inoperable spine and nothing can be done. But, Turmeric does help offset the pain. Sure, not a miracle drug by no means but there IS a difference with and without it. My doc happens to have common sense and is proud of me for making a dope prescription last 2 or 3 months.


Karen Jane Lehman They’re just running scared, and employing the old maxim “The best defense is a good offense.” Turmeric WORKS. I use it to ease complications from inflammation and arthritis-I take a supplement daily, plus I use 1/4 tsp of organic turmeric whenever I mSee More


Patricia Drury that turmeric is very healthful… my husband takes this turmeric paste he makes and it has helped him… my dog takes it everyday… she is 16 yrs old and could barelyget a round.. she now jumps, is able to get up on the sofa and when we pick her up sSee More


Ch Vishindasani India with 125 crore + population and so much of knowledge in every field, should never worry about what US or any other Western pharmaceutical companies say. Make your own medicines and cure your own people. Soon Asian and African countries will buy and finally West will follow.
Jo Ross I tried cinnamon, then found tumeric and realized more easily digested, then doubled it up and learned about pepperine to help… now, after 7 yrs of chondr/gluc supplements and others, stopped pretty much all of them, now just tumeric and vitamin E and ginger root too…….. barely take motrin now and just did jumping jacks first time in 7 yrs without major issues, ……… ummmm I’ll just grow my own thank you!


Ramesh Kannan Every indian irrespective of caste and religion knows the medicinal value of turmeric and we don’t need Americans to tell us what is what. Earlier they came up with negative things on coconut oil and now research proves its value. It is a case of grapes grown sour, if we did not get the patent fine that is not worth. American interest is solely Commercial.
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