Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2022

First of Its Kind Artificial Intelligence Based Anti-Hindu Hate Tracker Launched is the newest and most unique initiative launched recently to track, document, and counter anti-Hindu hate online. Hindus are facing abuses on social media left, right and center and most of it goes unchecked without any action or repercussions.

Social media is the most populated place at any given moment of the day. It shapes the narratives people have toward different groups of people, ideologies, and lifestyles. Even when it comes to anti-Hindu sentiment, it is largely shaped by hateful social media discourse which spreads to a large audience in a matter of seconds.

Many communities have similar tracking platforms to document and publicize hate crimes and hate speech against their community, but Hindus are just getting their feet wet into this arena. is a new website that will publicize statistics concerning anti-Hindu activity online and present it in a visually captivating fashion using graphs and charts. This initiative is truly an important step in documenting anti-Hindu atrocities in a systematic and analytical way.

Hindumisia comprises of two words “Hindu” and “misia”. “Misia” means hatred so Hindumisia is referring to the various levels of hate toward Hindus. The hatred toward the Hindu community has never been formally categorized, studied, documented, and presented to the world like it should have been. Therefore, initiatives like are important in formally categorizing and documenting Hindumisic incidents. will be using artificial intelligence to track anti-Hindu activity online and document them. Colorful charts and graphs will be made available to the public on the website. For specifics about the incidents or flagged Hindumisic social media content, private access will be given to select individuals upon request.

One of the major obstacles Hindus face when talking about anti-Hindu hate is they have no proper present-day data and statistics to back up the lived experiences in facing hate on various levels on a regular basis. When Hindus begin speaking about anti-hindu hate, immediately they are gaslighted and their concerns are denied as not having any basis in facts. can be a useful tool in retrieving online data to further study and investigate how exactly anti-hindu hate manifests.

Through, researchers, professors, students, organizations, and other relevant institutions can receive concrete data to track, expose, and counter anti-Hindu hate. The data can also be used to write papers, publish reports, and bring accountability to the hateful content that is detected by the AI-based tracker. Even social media companies themselves can be held responsible for their negligence in countering anti-Hindu hate on their platforms. Via this tool and initiative, anti-Hindu activity online can be reduced dramatically if the data is collected properly and used in a meaningful manner to enable impactful change.

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