Published On: Fri, Mar 18th, 2022

The Kashmir Files

An Indian movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ which was released recently depicts and tells the story of
the Holocaust faced by the Kashmiri Hindu community that was thrown out of its historic
homeland in 1990 at the peak of the Insurgency.

‘The Kashmir Files’ not only focuses on the gruesome events of 1989-90, but it also highlights the
community’s continuing pain of being ignored by the media, academia, and government for the
last three decades. For 32 years, the Kashmiri Hindu voice has been consistently silenced but
hopefully after this movie justice might finally be delivered for the uprooted community.

Bereft of their roots, their homes, and their temples since the Insurgency the Kashmiri Hindu
community has lived a scattered existence, flung across parts of India and the globe. With
justice denied for over three decades, many who survived the horrors of that time have either
passed on or are getting too frail to share their testimonies.

‘The Kashmir Files’ accurately depicts the deceptive ways in which the media and academic
institutions brainwashed the general population and are bound to reach the common masses in a
the way that has not been possible to date.

This is very similar to the atrocities and attacks that have been faced by the Supreme Pontiff of
Hinduism Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Parmashivam and the KAILASA Sangha since 2010.

Today, we live in a world and are part of a generation that is tackling the ghosts and hidden
atrocities against Hindus for years and even centuries past. There finally seems hope that the
Kashmiri Hindu community are recognized for the broader struggles they truly faced – against a
monopoly of ideas, and against the homogenization of identities. This is a struggle for the
survival of ancient indigenous minority voices that are drowned out today, just as they have
been for centuries.