Published On: Sat, Mar 19th, 2022

Islamist Mob Desecrate and Loot Hindu Temple in Bangladesh on Holi; Hindus Remain Fearful for Their Lives

The anti-Hindu genocide in Bangladesh is ongoing with another major attack on a Hindu temple in Wari, located in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. An Islamist mob of 100-150 people stormed the Hindu temple chanting genocidal slogans calling for riots and violent desecration of the sacred Hindu space. 

The genocidal Islamist mob was led by Mohammed Sufi and Haji Shafiullah, both of whom are now being investigated by the police. Initially, the temple authorities called the police for protection upon hearing the anti-Hindu genocidal chants, but the police refused to believe the temple authorities. Only after begging them persistently for safety and protection after the temple was desecrated, the police finally was forced to investigate the incident. 

Hindus in Bangladesh have been facing persecution for centuries. Bangladesh’s population was originally majority Hindu. However, after repeated attacks, invasions, and settler-colonialism, the once-majority Hindu population began shrinking into a very small minority on their own Indigenous lands. 

Hindus in Bangladesh have faced major genocides as recent as 1971 where millions of Hindus were killed in broad daylight with no repercussions as the world remained silent. A few months ago during Durga Puja, Bangladeshi Hindus were attacked by Islamist mobs all over Bangladesh where countless Hindu temples were burnt, Hindus killed, and Hindu women raped for simply worshipping the Divine Feminine, Devi Durga. The world remained silent once again.

By 2050 it is projected that the population of Hindus in Bangladesh will become zero. Hindus are literally projected to become extinct in Bangladesh but the whole world remains negligent and silent. The Hindus in Bangladesh are relying on the support of the global Hindu community, media coverage, and human rights organizations to take their plight to the world and enable safety and justice. However, all these people and institutions are choosing to remain silent and apathetic.

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