Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2013

Krishna – The Greatest Happening on Planet Earth – Swami Nithyananda


(excerpt from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s earlier Krishna Janmashtami talk)

I will now introduce the greatest happening called Krishna!

I can go on introducing Krishna again & again & again!

The greatest happening that happened, is happening, will happen, in the cosmos is Krishna!

How will you introduce a personality with so many hundreds of perfect dimensions? A child expressing extraordinary innocence and extraordinary powers. An adult who is beyond body, who does not have even idea of ordinary body. A great happening of the cosmos is functioning inside that small body, but surrounded by millions of beloved Gopikas! A grown-up youth, a great politician, an amazing intelligence that knows where to fight, where to back out!

Please understand, Krishna never fought always. We have at least one record that he ran away from a war! That is why he is called ranchor. He escaped from a war. He is intelligent enough to jump when you need to jump, to sit and duck when you need to duck. Extraordinary political capabilities. He is the hero still influencing Bollywood! I can say he is the oldest hero still influencing our modern cine-field!

So much has changed in the last 5,000 years in India. But still there is one person, one hero whose name is never forgotten, whose birthplace is not abandoned. His name is still remembered. The place where he took birth is still visited. The place where he did Rasa Leela is still worshiped. The river in which he took a bath is still revered. His words are still read. And anybody who takes up the spiritual lifein India still has to be inspired by Krishna! It is a rule. It is an unwritten rule.

Whether it is a field of spirituality, religion, management, politics – he is still there. He is here alive! Happening! The world’s best universities, greatest universities are using his words to teach management! What a personality! Millions of women – even men – still remember him as their own beloved! He still occupies center-stage in politics, in romance, in religion, in spirituality, in management and what not!

That is why I say, Krishna is a Happening! You can’t address Krishna in past tense. He is not even present tense – he is Present, because there is no tense! He is a Happening!

Lord Krishna and Arjun (Mahabharta)

Lord Krishna and Arjun (Mahabharta) (Photo credit: extension 504)


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