Published On: Fri, Dec 13th, 2013

Bajrang Dal to agitate if conspired conversions by ‘Power to Change’ in Mumbai are not stopped



Mumbai : Displaying advertising posters with pictures of film actors Johnny Lever and Nagma on some railway stations, in Conversion newsrailways and on the BEST buses, the conspiracy to convert Hindus by spreading Christianity, is an open secret. Despite registering complaint railway officials and Cyber cell have not paid any heed to it. The activists of ANIs who are attacking Hindu traditions are mum about it. If the Black Magic Bill is secular then the Government should take due action on the advertisements initiated to spread Christianity for spreading blind faith. Otherwise Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal will destroy the attempts of conversions by commencing intense agitation. We will also perform ‘Arati’ at Johnny Lever’s residence, warned VHP’s Kokan Prant Co-ordinator, Mr. Umesh Gaikwad. VHP’s Jilhamantri Mr. Venkat Nahar and Mr. Kiran Damle also were present on the occasion. He was addressing the press conference organised in the Patrakar Sangh here.                   Photo:  

Mr. Umesh Gaikwad said further, the advertisements displayed in railways and buses state that 14 people have experienced the power of change. Their life has changed. You contact through SMS and change your life. Once you contact them they ask your problems and pretend to be giving advice. You are given the book ‘Experience the power to change you’. There is no name of the publisher and the institution. Giving experiences like, Johnny Lever’s son did not get well despite going to Hindu temple; but after remembering Jesus, reading Bible, offering prayers, his son got cured, they have defamed Hindu temples. Actually, blind faith is being spread through the medium of advertisements boasting about getting cured from the disease. Then why Dr. Dabholakar’s son Hamid and daughter Mukta who call themselves rationalists, are mum? Why are they not any action regarding this ?

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat



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