Published On: Wed, Jan 15th, 2014

Stinking News: Dying Kannada News Channels Selling Fake Patriotism for Ratings

News-only channels dominate Karnataka's channel landscape much more than any other state in India. This should be viewed in the context of the failure of the Karnataka movie and entertainment industry in retaining viewership against the national media and movies.  As such, this small sliver of the idiot box is under heavy pressure to make money. The mushrooming of news-only channels and the desperation for viewership has made them try to peddle anything and everything for the sake of viewership. Competing against each other on over exxageration and general cheapness, these channels – Suvarna, TV9, Samaya and more – have reached pathetic lows in making news about nothing and lying through their bottoms.  When all else fails their safe target is Hindu Gurus since they almost never retaliate back. And if that person was born out of the state, that is like a gift from the blue for the viewer strapped channels. 

The latest in this continuing comedy show is the attempt yesterday by the almost bankrupt Samaya channel. They sent two reporters to Haridwar who apparently camped there for many days secretly shooting footage about Swami Nithyananda's much sought after 21 day meditation program. When they didn't find anything of use they went on to claim that Kannadigas are refused accomodation in the hotel Swamiji was staying. And used something as absurd as this to fill a day and a half of their emptiness. The manager of the hotel has refused this allegation. But surely he was never consulted before the shot was aired since truth is the worst enemy of a fraudulent news channel. The whole program was a rehash of old content and putrid voices trying to bring up violent sentiments. 

Samaya channel joins the likes of Suvarna and TV-9 in selling their motherland to make a quick buck.


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