Published On: Fri, Oct 24th, 2014

Beware of Fake Guilt: Don’t Let Media Spoil Your Celebrations. Happy Diwali!

Cracker-less Diwali, Water-less Holi, Idol-less Ganesha Puja, Rakhi-less Rakshabandhan, Dairy Free Festivals etc etc etc. Commies, Atheists and Peddlers of material goods get together to kill the joy of celebrations by adding guilt to all but that which is excessively priced or imported from the west.

Children, watch out for these guilt mongerers. Don't ever talk to them or get into their windowless vans for their candies.





Fake Guilt Hindu Festivals

I was asked:

But is it not really that crackers cause pollution and child labour. I him there is some truth at least in that?

Automobiles cause a 1000 if not a million times more pollution. Meat eating is responsible for a very large part of the green house gases. More child labor is employed for making cigarettes and bidis and restaurants. Can we please ban all those first please. Why target joy first and then address the things that cause sorrow later – or if at all?

I am not arguing for or against these points. I am arguing that the reason they are being used is not honest. 

We should look closely behind who is pushing for the reform and what their motives are. Here the mass media and bollywood that is pushing for these reforms are not part of the culture that celebrates these festivals. They are controlled by atheists, commie intellectuals and the people creating these causes who to appear to be socially conscious so they can increase their tv ratings to sell more products.


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