Published On: Sun, Dec 7th, 2014

Puranas are not Mythology: They are Subjective Truths

Apart from scriptures such as Upanishads and the Gita, the 18 Puranas are a core part of Hinduism. Much of the abuse Hinduism has suffered is because of the wrong understandings of our Puranas. They are wrongly been termed by western historians as Mythology or fanciful imagination or at best as allegorical or symbolic of other things.  Here is a wonderful writeup explaining the difference between Puranas and Mythology.



Don't say Puranas are myths. The so called history you are reading is MYTH. All Puranas are subjective truth. Otherwise how do you think the brains that conceived the movement of the Grahas – and even now the best time calculation methods, eclipse or any happening in the universe is our Jyothi sutras – will believe in something that is delusion or myth. These stupid fellows go on abusing that the Hindu puranas are myth. What do you guys mean? The brain which can conceive the concept of zero. The brain which has gone to the heights of theology. I tell you, no poetry can be so sublime as the upanishads. the sublime poet will never be caught in delusion. These brains can never be caught in myth.

All the realities in your life has started in you as subjective truth at some time. Incompletion, by more and more remembrance makes you weak and expresses itself as reality. Subjective Truth, by more and more remembrance makes you stronger and expresses itself as reality. Both, by more remembrance becomes reality.

By remembrance which binds you is incompletion. By remembrance which liberates you is subjective truth. By remembrance liberation. Smaranaath Mukthi. By remembrance anything that grows in your, and strengthens you and liberates you is subjective truth. All our puranas are subjective truth. When the puranas says Krishna lifted the Govrandhan hill with a little finger it is truth for those who want to live it. Stupid fellows can never understand it. It is truth for the people who want to LIVE it. But just because the blind man cannot see it, don't say the world does not exist. Just because stupids cannot see it, don't say subjective truth does not exist.

I give you guys assurance. Our puranas are subjective truths. They are not myth. Aryabhatta – what an intellectual brilliance in mathematics and astronomy. When he wrote Āryabhaṭīyaṃ he was just 23. He was the first person to write that the earth is round. It rotates on its axis and circles the sun. At least a 1000 years before Copernicus declared the heliocentric theory. He was the first to declare the value of Pi. These brains cannot be caught in myth. All the 18 puranas are subjective truth. Anybody who thinks I have some brain to understand things or who are going to believe in me in the future, I wanted to put this on records, Puranas are subjective truth. Not Myth.

When our masters declare That-vam-asi – you are the truth, Shivoham – You are Mahadeva, when they declare this truth, it is not myth. It is subjective truth.

One of the biggest attack done on Hindu tradition is that all our Puranas are myths. It is one of the biggest attack. Even we started to have self doubt, hatred, denial. At least past 400 years even we started believing it. I tell you, EVERY purana is true. It is subjective truth! Every Purana is a subjective truth.

This one world Subjective truth has opened so many doors, cleared the SDHD (Self Doubt, Self Hatred and Self Denial) of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Ramayana and Mahabharata are stories that are real far MORE than what you see around you. Our Puranas are much more truthful integrated authentic responsible enriching and honest version of what happened than any history written by any historian. Puranas are the authentic history. Subjective truths.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda




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