Published On: Fri, Apr 24th, 2015

Kedar Re-Opens Today: Rahul Gandhi Undertakes Padayatra to Shrine

Kedarnath – one of the most important spiritual center for Hinduism – is re-opening today after almost 2 years. In June 2013 flash floods destroyed much of the city around the temple. But miraculously the temple itself was untouched. Recently experts from the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) confirmed this

The temple in its current form was built by Adi Shankara who revived Hinduism in India more than 1000 years ago and integrated multiple traditions into Hinduism across India and made Hinduism as we know today. The priests for the temple still come from South India from the state of Kerala.

Today, the Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi is talking the 16 km trek up to Kedar for the innauguration.  HinduismNow appreciates the move by congress vice president and wishes his Yatra well.  However, we would have liked it if he had chosen to wear Indian clothes to respect the yatra than do it in Jeans and T-Shirt.        Well… maybe next year.


Kedar reopens




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