Published On: Thu, May 7th, 2015

Salman and Sanjay, Sadhus and Sadhvis: Presumed innocent vs Presumed Guilty

It is funny how much of Bollywood is rallying behind Killer Khan.  He was driving drunk. Without a license. And he killed a man and injured many others. He tried to cheat the system by bribing his poor driver to take the blame and go to jail. The courts yesterday have ruled against him on ALL charges.

And this is not the only case he is in. He kills endangered species for sport.  Has a case against him for owing illegal firearms. And he has supported Pakistan openly in the 9/11 attacks!

After this he has tried every trick in the book to win support including claiming that he is half Hindu because his mother was a victim of Love Jihad, giving money to charity for publicity and pay PR firms enormous amounts of money to write about his glory .

Yet many in Bollywood and other celebrities are supporting him. Why?  Much of the newspapers are crying about how 1000 crore of Bollywood money is riding behind him. As if that was a significant concern!   And the same thing happened to Sanjay Dutt who was arrested for his pakistani terrorist connections and Monica Bedi who bedded the underworld ganglord Abu Salem.

Salman and Sanjay vs Sadhus and Sadhvis


Contrast this to the case of Hindu leaders. All of them have been wrongly accused.. and at any rate only ACCUSED. Not convicted. Yet many of them are presumed guilty!!


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This filthy bollywood singer has compared the people who died in the accident to dogs!  And that “Salman is not at fault at all”!!!!  And they are crying that 5 years is too long a time for a simple killing! wow!






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