Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

IIT Madras Drama: Prototypical Breaking-India Propaganda

This is EXACTLY what Rajiv Malhotra wrote about in his book four years ago. How Dravidian and Caste fault lines are exploited by anti-India forces. It is almost a textbook move by the congress.  A small unknown group of students misused the Institute and it’s name for political propaganda. Based on a complaint sent to the HRD ministry the dean asked them to clarify and present their stand.  And suddenly the whole media is up in flames.  And everyone is screaming about losing “Freedom of Speech” and about it being a war against “Backward Classes”. .. using the name value of the institute to fan communal and political flames.

The dean, and as a alumnus of the school I know him very well to be a very level headed and apolitical person, has clarified that it is not a ban – not yet atleast – and he has just asked the group for clarification and present their stand. If they were in the right they should have just done that instead of going to press.  The group clearly has violated the rules of the Institute by misuing the name of the Institute. No one has questioned their views or the the legitimacy – just the correctness of using the Technical Institute’s name  to spread politics.  I don’t know what else is there to be said!

People are advised to see through the nonsense and read BI instead..

IITm Breaking India

IIT Madras says it has not curtailed freedom of expression of students

The Dean said that the group was banned as they misused the institute’s name and it has not curtailed anyone’s freedom of expression.
“Students should follow guidelines prepared by board of students. IIT madras doesn’t curtail freedom of expression. They should adhere to guidelines. They can’t use name of IIT Madras in any capacity to publicise their activities without official permission. This group violated guidelines,” the Dean said.

The university has also issued a statement saying “IIT doesn’t curtail freedom of expression. There are guidelines. Dean of students asked to present their stand. They will be given an opportunity to present their position.”


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