Published On: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2015

Hinduism’s Answer to Greece’s Crisis

Amit Shah, the president of the BJP party, rightly said that “Hinduism has solutions to all the problems in the world..”. Immediately a bunch of anti Hindu, anti national forces have started screaming against him and in a sarcastic way have asked how Hinduism would solve the Greek Crisis.


While the requests from these fake newspapers are not authentic at finding an answer, it still remains that Hinduism DOES have a solution for the Greek Crisis . After all it was not so long ago, in Hindu terms, that a Hindu Sage gave good advice to a Greek King Alexander, who was wrongly called as Great, that made him turn back on his foolish war to conquer the world and focus on his inner self instead.

And much before that, all the Knowledge – the Hindu decimal number system, their language, their philosophies, their mythologies etc. –  that the Greeks imbibed to seed the civilization in Europe have come from from Hinduism (via traders in Arabia who were just a conduit and didn’t understand the value of what they peddled).  Many, if not all, Greek words have originated in Sanskrit and  many eminent academics including Prof Dean Brown have shown clear evidence of Sanskrit being the precursor to Greek and hence to all European languages and knowledge .

Greece has been the country that learnt from India and spread the basics of civilization in barbaric Europe. And now it is up to Greece to answer their errant children who are now demanding her head. And surely Hinduism that gave them their civilization can give them an answer for the current crisis too.

Hinduisms answer to the Greek Crisis

The Greek problem, for those you are free enough not to be addicted to the news/entertainment industry – is basically that the country has come under excessive debt and consequently under and the control of the debtors – Germany and others – and the resistance of the Prime Minister to that control.   All other factors – of who is right, whether the reforms EU is asking are good, whether it is right to make pensioners suffer, whether the PM actually representing the people etc – are secondary.

Going back to the original statement of Sri Amit Shah, Hinduism is nothing but the principle of “Going back to the basics” . The principle of going back “to the source” if you might.  And the strong experience and belief of “Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate” – the first line of the first Upanishad which says that  everything comes from completion – perfection – and what comes out of completion is also complete.  The strong “for life” stand that Hinduism has is in contrast with the “life negative” stand of the atheists and the pseudo religious people who feel orphaned and are in denial of themselves and life.

Greek ChoicesAnd coming back to Greece, once you identify the problem, the solution stands out.  The problem is that of debt – of borrowing money to solve problems rather than expanding your innate ability of creativity and productivity.  Hinduism believes that everyone has the ability to expand infinitely their creativity. And the same holds for countries too.  Greece should decide once for all the debt is not the right way to go.  Only accept from others if it comes from gratitude or from a feeling of “oneness”. In the absence of that there is bound to be differences of opinion on what the right way to spend the money is. And surely the western countries giving money don’t have Greek citizens in their best interests.

AlexanderwithIndianKingTransThe Greek PM does not want to see the aged pensioners in his country suffer. The debtors may feel differently about that. I am not passing judgement on either. But each person, or country, needs to decide their destiny.  They need to make their own path to their enlightenment.  Others can guide, but you have to choose.  The solution is to call EU’s bluff  and to quit the loans and the EU. To recreate, to reinvent the destiny of the country. Shiva the God of death stands for rejuvenation when the current situation is unacceptable.  Once you write off what is un-salvageable, you can always come back to life and rebuild.

The Greek PM should tell the EU, to paraphrase what Alexander (falsely) claimed Porus told him on defeat (which didn’t happen), “Treat us, Oh EU, like you would a sovereign nation”.




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