Published On: Thu, Jan 7th, 2016

Using Gender to Divide Hindus: Presstitute Politics at the Kumbh Mela

The Indian media is up to it’s old tricks again. Any time the topic of the Kumbh Mela comes up, they try bringing up something negative. They tried the gender divide last time during Nasik and it didn’t stick and they are giving it a shot once more. Little do these idiots know that the Akharas and the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) are one of the most gender unbiased organizations.  There might be more men Sadhus than women, but women Sadhvis are given every right that is accorded to men. There are many women who are Mahamandaleshwars – the highest accorded title among the Akahara heirarchy.   There is no reason to form a separate organization for women. And such an organization was formed more by vested interests rather than for an real work to help Sadhvis. Recognizing such an illegal organization is at best stupid and at worst cunning and criminal.

Sri Mukthananda, one of the Sri Mahants of the Mahanirvani Akhada had to say this on his facebook page:

“Shame on the press to create controversy where there is none. This is an age-old technique called “divide and destroy” – the press has become so great at creating divisive wedges; they only know how to look at the world through divisions. This is a blatant attempt to inject problems from the outside. Hinduism stands for Advaita – Oneness. The Kumbh Mela stands for the experience of Advaita. Lets reject the press’s attempt at divisive politics and save precious traditions like Kumbh Mela.”

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