Published On: Sat, Jan 16th, 2016

What is Wrong with Modern Economics?

This is the picture of  woman making Rangoli on the occasion of Makar Sankranti festival at Lankamura village in Agartala on Monday. PTI Photo. This one picture can tell us what is wrong with the way the western economists look at the world.  The richness of her being comes out amazingly in this picture.. and yet all the metrics of the world will count her as being “poor”.  The economics of the west are determined by division.  The true economy of the world should be determined by Advaita – non duality.  In the divisive economics there is no place for art, family, for society for sharing for love for charity – all of which are components of Oneness – Advaita. The truth of Hinduism.  All these are not counted as richness.

Woman Making Rangoli in Agartala on Makar ShankarantiIt is

Like scientists who study only 1% of the Universe (99% of it being conveniently tagged as dark matter) and believe arrogantly they know everything there is to know.  The same way the economists of the world think they understand all material transactions. But they only look at a minor fraction of the things that give joy.  As such metrics that use these skewed numbers claim India is poor.   But the fact that you have such richness of art and heritage, the fact that you have a family of 100 people who will support you at the drop of a turban, and the fact that your belief about yourself is not that of a sinner but the inheritor of divinity is worth a million times more than any bank balance or taxable transaction

India a rich country. And the reason it is rich is because of Hinduism. It is time we changed the metrics that are used to look at us and see things with the eyes that see reality.



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