Published On: Sun, Jan 31st, 2016

Shani Temple Row: Foreign Funding and Sickular Politics at it’s Worst


Muslim women in Bhurka so concerned about Hinduism

The last few weeks a certain “Women’s rights” organization “Center for Social Research” has been protesting that women are not allowed in the Shani Temple in Maharashtra. This has been the practice there for hundreds of years.  These have predictably got the support of the Sickulars and their political parties in India. And surprisingly they also got support froma  Muslim Women’s group – who seem more worried about Hindu women not being allowed in 2 temples out of a million rather than about Muslim women who are not allowed to dress as they want, not allowed to drive in Saudi, that they divorced at will without child support, stoned to death when they are raped in Pakistan and so on..



csr-imageNow. here is the low down on the organization that started the protest. Not surprisingly their funding is mostly from Christian organizations and other shady sources.. and along with them, get this – from Pakistani Institute of Development Studies!



Sickular Sri Sri Shani Temple


The billion dollar question is: Why do all these organizations care about what a temple’s rules are? There are thousands of women only and men only clubs in this country. No one seems to be questioning them.  All Muslim countries and Catholic groups are extremely anti women in their outlook compared to India and Hinduism. But none of this is talked about. The whole thing is a conspiracy to make Hinduism appear to be anti-women and there by to put down Hinduism and hence Indian culture.

Breaking-India at its worst.





Shani Temple Row Foreign Funding and Sickular Politics

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