Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Please Sign this Petition: The Future of Hinduism Depends on it

pollack_murthyBackground: Over the past centuries starting with Max Muller, the study of Sanskrit has migrated to the west and little Sanskrit study is done in India by Indians. This has been, according to Rajiv Malhotra, the leading cause of the decline of Hinduism.

Now, Narayana Murthy of Infosys is sponsoring a huge project in Harvard to study and translate Indian texts in Sanskrit to English with a huge multi million dollar grant.

They stole our country and all its riches. And then tried to steal our future by killing our education system and replacing it with the crap we have now. And now they want to steal our past.

Giving money to Harvard for it to become the home of Hindu studies is a terrible terrible idea because:

  1.  This is almost like us donating money to the British to come and invade us
  2. All problems with Hinduism in the past few hundred years are because of BAD translations by people who don’t understand the HINDU mind or are maliciously translating Hinduism in the language of the primitive western traditions to make it also look primitive
  3. For instance many have said Vedas support BEEF eating because of the wrong interpretation of one word – Mansa. Which means pulp but is interpreted always to mean meat. Imagine what a 1000 such mis-translations can do?
  4. Sheldon Pollack – person in-charge of the project is
    1. unnamed (4)Not a practicing Hindu
    2. Strongly supported the communist JNU students who denigrated Hindu Gods and customs
    3. He sees all Shastras as flawed because he finds them frozen in Vedic metaphysics, which he considers irrational and a source of social oppression.
    4. In his recent book, “The Battle for Sanskrit”, Shri Rajiv Malhotra has articulated that many of the writings of Pollock are deeply flawed and misrepresent our cultural heritage.

This must be stopped immediately.  The future of Hinduism rests on this.



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The petition got covered in the Washington Post today and that should also make it reach more people. Let all Indians raise in one voice against this new age colonialism of our history.

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