Published On: Sat, Jan 13th, 2018

No more Namastes. We are Sickular: The All New “Promoting Hinduism” Campaign

Nepal Protects its Culture

Nepal made a change to its constitution 3 years back where they declare secularism to mean “protection of our ancient religion culture, as well as cultural and religious freedom”.  Secularism in India however means everything except our ancient religion and culture will be promoted.  Ancient India did not have a culture separate from religion – because unlike Christianity or Islam, Hinduism is not a belief system.  It is the pursuit of truth.  Hence religion is a part and parcel of everything you see in India.  If we stop promoting Hinduism, we destroy India as we know it and pave way for the pedophile priests, the consumerist Coca Colas and the murdering Mullahs to take over the dead body that India will become.

Secular Dance

“Promoting Hinduism” – This is the new catch phrase of the Anti India Forces.  Take anything that remotely resembles Hinduism and make a furore about it.  Latest in the round of such an attempt is removing prayers from Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools. The prayer only asks for bringing people from darkness to light. And yet it is not acceptable to the sickulars of this nation. Presumably because it doesn’t include the words Jesus, Allah and the phrase  “Only God”  and “Kill everyone else” in it.   They have declared that folding palms during prayer is a ‘Hindu” thing.. and promoting it is bad.

Next IIT-Kanpur doing research and publishing copies of the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Bhrahma Sutras is accused of “Promoting Hinduism”. IIT-K has rejected this charge. But no one is asking the basic question. Which is “WHAT-THE-F IS WRONG WITH PROMOTING HINDUISM”?

No more Namasthes. We are sickular!

Soon (already?), if sitting down on the floor will be considered a Hindu thing and students will not be allowed to sit on the floor and will have to use chairs or sit down as per Islam.  In the end only the things approved by the western culture become acceptable forms of existing.. Handshake and cheek kissing is ok. Namasthe is promoting Hindusm.  Get where this is going?

It is high time this stops. The only solution is the bring in a clause into the constitution as Nepal did declaring the promotion of Indian culture as a goal of the constitution.  Or eventually if the sickulars fight against that, we have to declare India as a Hindu Country  –  just like that 60+ Muslim Countries and 60+ Christian countries around the world have done.

We need to understand that

Promoting Hinduism is not a bad thing.
Promoting Hinduism is promoting India.
Promoting Hinduism is promoting Culture.
Promoting Hinduism is promoting Pluralism.
Promoting Hinduism is good.

Stop apologizing for promoting Hinduism!


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