Published On: Wed, Jun 29th, 2016

The Only Thing All Hindus Agree on: The Primordial Sound OM

om-decorativeThere is only one or two things that all Hindu Traditions agree. Hinduism is such a vast collection of religions. So much of research and development done, we don’t have to agree on anything. Agreeing looks very weak. Very rarely all of us agree. This one truth OM all the Hindu Sampradayas agree. Shaiva, Vaishnava, Astikya, Nastikya, Gowmara, Jaina, Bhoutha, Darshana – all the sampradayas agree with one thing. That is OM. All of us agree, that OM is the primary, primordial, original sound of the cosmos. Symbol of the Universe. OM has become the thoroughly accepted symbol of Hindu tradition. That and the Cow. OM and Go (Cow) seva. Other than that, we don’t agree with anything. We have our own methodology. Hinduism is live a Universal Mall. It is so wide. And so beautiful. So rich. You will see tons of paths for enlightenment and Jivan Mukthi.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Varanasi, 29 Jun 2016


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