Published On: Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

The Demonic, The Human and The Divine Philosophies

Whenever with ordinary human logic you try to define God, you mess up so badly. You give birth to demonic ideologies

SYRIAN-CIVIL-WAR-07Demonic ideologies which kill millions of people who don’t accept the ideology AND those who accept the ideology too.

cow-loveDeivika thatwa – Divine philosophies are those where even if you practice a little bit, so much good happens for you. You become complete and people around you become complete. You are a celebration for others and others become a celebration for you. Krishna says in the Gita, “Swalpam abhyasya dharmasya” – even if you practice dharma a little bit…

Human thathwa – principles – is where the person who practices will benefit. Like the cunning charity games. Robbing the whole country, put India into poverty and then spend 2% of the money through the churches into India. This is the most cunning charity. Before the British entered, we were the richest economy.

Some stupid anti Indian journalists have the audacity to say that before the British came there was no concept of India. Then why did the British register their company as “East India Company”? Still many of the western universities call Indic studies as “South Asian” studies just to remove our identity from us. No civilization suffered so much of identity crisis. So much of attack on their identity. For human beings existence is all about identity – who we are. That is what is being attacked terribly. Terribly.

fake-charity-scamsWith the so called charity – the person who practices will have something. At the down level the missionaries are not cunning. But at the decision making level they are cunning. At the ground level I have seen fathers and nuns practicing compassion with all their integrity. But the down-level soldiers are not strategizing. But they are being used by a very powerful strategizing, cunning strategy plans. These are human level thathwas – principles.

The demonic ideologies. Oh god. Practicing means, you have to kill others. Only eliminating others is the scale of how much you practice or not. First kill all those who oppose. Then kill all those who don’t oppose but don’t accept completely. Then kill all those who accept but those who are not actively killing with you. Layers and layers of killing. That is the demonic ideology.

Unfortunately the people who had a Deivika philosophy are superficial. So much bad has happened not only because the demonic people were active, but because the divine philosophy were not active. The inactiveness of divine philosophy beings. Inactivness of the good philosophy people is equally responsible of all the suffering of the world, not just activeness of the bad people alone. Good people are giving up on ambition. Ambition with goodness; activism with authenticity.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Satsang
Bidadi, 03 August 2016

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