Published On: Sun, Oct 9th, 2016

The Economics of Sadashiva: The Prevelant vs The Real

Sadashiva’s economics: Wherever things do not reduce by sharing – like education, it has to be give free. Education within the matrix is aparavidya. Education beyond the matrix is paravidya. Sadashiva is very clear. Even for apara-vidya you cannot charge.

The services that need to be done everyday – the survival things, like food, medicine footwear etc he allows bartering. And only for the things that are longterm – such as consutrction – he allows currency transactions.

economics-of-sadashivaSadashiva’s economic policies are  where the society is most healthy. There are some places we cannot afford to have money as the decision maker. If you allow money to become decision maker in some places, humanity enters into the worst crisis. Like modern medicine. Psychology.

The whole society was built on this one principle of: “For Life”. The building structure was such that no few families can own the largest wealth or power or land. No single group can overpower. Billionaires who form a community where they only talk about billions, they become an altogether different species. It affects your whole cognition so much that you start thinking that the rest 7 billion does not matter if you can add a few more zeros in your billions and brag about it in your night party.

Identity based on the currency has become so strong that they become altogether a different species. The structure of the society must be developed by such a visionary that these different species does not become the master of the Matrix. No one can imagine Sadashiva as an economist! I will show you how compassionate he is.

If Sadashiva  allows money in the area of knowledge transmission, the number of years of education will be increased and the quality of the education will be drastically reduced. Because the more number of years you have them under your control, the more money you make.

When I study Sadashiva’s economics from the Agama, I can understand one thing: The whole spindle is on “oneness”.  And even in your day to day life, he constantly reminds you about the oneness. Where you need to pay, where you don’t need to pay, where things are given to you free – even these things do not lead you to frustration.

The amount of frustration this generation is facing, one of the major reason is that they are realizing that they are being exploited. Exploited by prevalent things. Prevalent is different, existence is different. Planet Earth is existence. Ownership of prevalent. When prevalence takes over your innerspace and controls your decision making, understand you are an agent of the Matrix.

Till the British occupied us, we were the richest economy in the world. Stealing everything from us and making us believe that we are poor because of our tradition! Creating atrocity material – thousands and thousands of literature and making us believe that we are poor because we are Hindu! They have even coined the ugly word “Hindu Rate of Growth”.

You need to again and again and again drill the way you think, the way you cognize, the way you decide the goal of your life. Is it prevalence based items or existence based reality. Understand. Whatever is prevalent but not existence is artificial ignorance that has take over humanity. The concept of currency, the concept of ownership. I am not saying concept of currency should not be there or ownership should not be there. I am saying that should not be your goal of your purpose.

First point: Understand the matrix. When I studied Sadashiva’s economics, I saw he is very clear that people should not be caught in the matrix. He is very clear prevalent things are different and existential things are different. Even when you start questioning, you will understand that the prevalent is kept in its boundary. So it is not allowed to take over existence. So human beings are kept in every possible comfort, joy, love without being bought under the maya matrix.

Believing prevalence is reality is immaturity. Understanding prevalence and reality is maturity. Aligning yourself with reality is renunciation – Vairagya. Understanding the Maya Matrix.

Definition of courage is not absence of fear. Powerful-ness where fear cannot make you powerless is courage. Courage means not absence of information. Inability of information to make you powerless is courage. The ferociousness you need to use to break from the maya matrix. Once you break from the maya matrix, the same ferociousness you will use to break the rules of the maya matrix even within the maya matrix. That is what I call manifestation of powers.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Bengaluru Adheenam
9 October 2016

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