Published On: Sat, Nov 12th, 2016

The Angry Hindu: The New Face of Hinduism

hinduism-now-hanumanThe Hindu is angry and rightfully so. For a thousand years we have been oppressed and tortured and discriminated against – both by enemies from outside who are relentless in their ruthlessness and cunning-ness and from within by fake seculars who preach tolerance and suffering and laziness instead of action and powerfulness; who have promoted all other religions and pushed Hinduism down in the name of equality.  The Hindus have had it and are ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim their right.

hanuman-auto-stickerAnd this poster that has become the rage in the last year across the country is a perfect symbolism of the attitude the new Hindu carries: No nonsense and ready for action. Hanuman or Anjaneya is one of the most non controversial and universally accepted Gods of Hinduism. He symbolizes immense Bhakti or devotion and immense power. He is loved by all branches of Hindus as he is a devotee of Rama and at the same time carries the energy of Sadashiva.

hanuman-bike-stickerOf late the posters of Sri Hanumanji have adorned all kinds of cars, bikes and even autos. The demand the dealers say is growing. HinduismNow updates their banner in recognition of this amazing work of art.  The artwork was created by Karan Acharya , 27,  from Kasaragod and working in Mangaluru at the request of his friends who wanted a new image for Ganesha festival in September 2015.   “Thereafter” says Karan “the vector art gained popularity in Kumble. But I don’t know when it moved out from there and became a universal phenomenon .”


Karan Acharya angry-hanuman-sticker-usahanuman-sticker1

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