Published On: Sat, Dec 24th, 2016

Why Do We Need a 3600 Crore Statue?

Can India afford to spend 3600 crores on a statue? That’s what many people are asking. The right question to ask is, however, whether it can afford not to build the statue. Indian history is a mess that has been created by the British and continued by the left historians. The only purpose with which this history was written was to ridicule our heritage. The goal of the colonialists was to establish white Supremacy to legitimize their cruel conquests. So nothing from the past that was good was spared. Carrying the burden of this perverted history is what has made us into the caricatures of our glorious past. The left historian would laugh at the mention of a glorious past because he is strongly believes that it is not exist. Bcause he is dogmatic in that belief. Because he is fundamentally life negative. Only the people who have experienced the truths of the vedic civilization can understand the meaning of the phrase. If, for instance, you do not understand mathematics , you cannot appreciate quantum mechanics. You would think all the great scientists were scribbling doodles on the wall. This is exactly the position that the left historians are in. Rebuilding India must start with defining our heroes. We have been worshipping cruel tyrants such as Aurangzeb and Alexander as heroes. It is high time we start emulating people of great spiritual strength who are the pillars of India. We need not one but a hundred such statues. We need to declare India as a Hindu Vedic country. We need to rename the roads and cities that have been named after cruel killers and barbarians. Only by reclaiming our past can we create a powerful future. People who hate their past can never create their future. Most leftist historians were abused children. Hence their world view is extremely negative. Sheldon Pollock was possibly beaten by his parents and hence he sees the world through the lens of class struggle between the powerful and the weak. Wendy doniger was apparently abused by her Pakistani dad and hence sees only sex and sexual abuse in all of Indian history. Instead of giving them psychiatric treatment, we let them write books and what more, we make our children read them. It is high time this stops. And the statue if Shivaji is the first step towards this. The question hence is not whether we can afford the statue, but whether we can afford not to make it.

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