Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015

What is Atrocity Literature? And why it is critical that we understand it?

Atrocity literature is a series of selected stories (without regards to statistical significance) collected to make a culture or country look bad. This is done for many reasons including justifying an false invastion on the country (as done by the US against Iraq) or to encourage people to convert to your relgion (as done by the Christian missionaries against Africa and Asia or to justify acts such as colonialism or slavery (as done by East India Company and others against India and Africa). This has historically been a powerful tool in the hands of the religions (Christianity)  that weild the countries ( USA and UK) that weild the companies (Coke-a-Cola, McDonalds, Monsanto)  that weild the media houses (CNN, IBN, TimesNow) that finally do the dirty job and convince the suckers in the victim country (typically in Africa or Asia) to think that they are leading shitty lives.   Another reason for atrocity literature is for governments to make their citizens feel grateful for their governance without doing any actual work. If you convince your people that life is terrible everywhere else in the world,  they will thank you for the pieces of food you throw to them from your fenced  palaces and be grateful for the 16 hour workdays they have to endure to just pay their mortgages and call it freedom instead of slavery. 


atrocity literature

For instance if you see the following video by the infamous (2G scam coverup lady) Bhaka Dutt, she says in the opening line that India has the highest rate of suicide and depression – both of which are clearly shown to be false by wikipedia in the list and in the map shown at . India is far far below other countries such as Japan, USA or UK on both counts. The motivation behind such outright lying is collecting atrocity literature. Making a population feel bad about itself so that it is primed for invasion culturally, religiously, socially and economically.  In this video she goes further to sell psychotic medicines to Indians under the pretext that most Indians are depressed – medicines that have shown to drastically increase the suicide rates and are no help in combatting depression. Possibly she is been paid by the drug companies too. 

Typical example of atrocity literature created by local sepoys of the foreign media


It is very important that we are aware of this cunning form of attack in the name of reform and call it out every time we see it. Otherwise 90% of the public will take it for granted that it is true. Realistic statistics is usually a good way to attack against these con men. And calling out similar statistics from other countries whom these people represent. When you disprove the immediate accusation that India is terrible compared to the other countries, the immediate retort from brainwashed Indian sepoys is alway "Let us not compare with other countries.. we must address the problems ourselves" and so on. The answer to such rot is not to refute the point but ask for actual action from the part of the sepoys. That will immediately shut them up since they have no idea or reason to act. 



The same is the case of stories about attacks on churches in India. An more so with the recent stories of  "rape epidemic" in India. This again is statistically inaccurate. Rape in India is 15 times lesser than that in the US and UK ( .. and no it is not because of the under-reporting as they will claim next. Statistics show that under-reporting is as bad in India as in other countries (Under reporting – UK is 70 to 90% and India is at 54%).. Or because the the definition of rape in India is looser and so on.. Or that conviction rates are worse in India. In fact India's conviction rates at 24% are far higher than the UK at 6% ( You get the idea. Basically there are layers and layers of lies that are promoted all with the fundamental intention of denigrating the country who is the target. And they cleverly use the issue that are simmering in the country and make one segment fight against the nation. Classic British divide and conquer strategy. This is exactly how they colonized the world. And they are using the same today culturally and economically. 

Please see this video by Rajiv Malhotra where he explains in detail about Atrocity literature and it's use in the cultural warfare that we are in the midst of. Yes we are in the middle of a war. The sad thing is most of our armies are sleeping and the half awake ones are working for the enemy.

It is time to wake up! 

Please share this article and Rajivji's video with every patriotic Hindu and Indian you know.. 



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