Published On: Fri, May 8th, 2015

How Buddha was Turned Anti Hindu (

Sakhya Muni, the Buddha, was an exponent of the Sankhya philosophy of Hinduism (modified colloquially in Pali to Sakhya) founded by Kapila. Buddha’s birth place was called Kapilavastu and many Buddhist scriptures consider Buddha as a reincarnation of the sage Kapila.  The second chapter of the Gita – which predates Buddha by a few thousand years or more – is entirely devoted to the Sankhya philosophy that talks about the cycle of birth and death and liberation from this cycle by withdrawing from the senses – which forms the core of Buddha’s teachings.  Nowhere in his writings or biography it is said that Buddha rebelled against Hinduism. Sadly, lack of exposure to Hinduism in China and Japan and cunning-ness and ignorance on the part of atheists and the likes of Ambedkar and Nehru have made people think of Buddhism as separate from Hinduism and that Buddha was anti Hindu – which is completely untrue.

Read this wonderful article the exposes the history of this subversion:

BuddhaTurned  Anti Hindu

Orientalists have started treating Buddhism as a separate religion because they discovered it outside India, without any conspicuous link with India, where Buddhism was not in evidence. At first, they didn’t even know that the Buddha had been an Indian. It had at any rate gone through centuries of development unrelated to anything happening in India at the same time. Therefore, it is understandable that Buddhism was already the object of a separate discipline even before any connection with Hinduism could be made.

So, both Nehru and Ambedkar, as well as their followers , believed by implication that at some point in his life, the Hindu-born renunciate Buddha had broken away from Hinduism and adopted a new religion, Buddhism. This notion is now omnipresent, and through school textbooks, most Indians have lapped this up and don’t know any better. However, numerous though they are, none of the believers in this story have ever told us at what moment in his life the Buddha broke way from Hinduism. When did he revolt against it? Very many Indians repeat the Nehruvian account, but so far, never has any of them been able to pinpoint an event in the Buddha’s life which constituted a break with Hinduism.




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  1. Iskcon has lord Buddha as the ninth incarnation of lord Vishnu…so he is a vaishnavar

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